Today’s Specials – Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A list of sales and marketing linksWe have been celebrating here at The Sales Cafe! The San Francisco Giants finally won a World Series (only works 11/2/2010) and Bruce Springsteen released a new video. We are happy, proud, and a little tired, honestly, from all the shenanigans that have been going on. First Halloween and now all this. How will we make it through the week? Here are a few things on the list of specials to keep us engaged.

1. Blekko. Terrible name notwithstanding, we think this new search engine is fun. Cool charts about things most of our patrons have no clue (including us), but we are eager to learn. Remember, Google wasn’t really a word when it started. Now it’s a proper noun and a verb. Will we be saying “I blekkoed him” someday soon?

2. 5 Things for SMB owners to do every day. When we get muddled (like from the excitement of today), it’s nice to have a set list of to do’s to fall back on. This list reminds us entrepreneur types that every step forward is a step in the right way.

3. The New B2B Marketing Manifesto. We straddle the line between sales and marketing here at The Sales Cafe, and it’s often a fine line. According to those wiseguys over at Marketo, marketing folks rule the world! (Nearly. No pressure, though. We liked it when sales took all the heat for not keeping the pipeline filled.) While you visit this link, click through to download the ebook they are discussing. It’s an excellent read.

4. Who belongs on a selling team? We found this link extremely helpful in setting up our sales team for the next big sale. The folks at Developing Your B2B Sales Skills defined a sales coordinator, but it’s our job to clarify the roles for the rest of the team.

Finally, just in case you’re like us and think it’s never too early to prepare for anything, sign up for the Holiday Cookie of the Day emails. These look good enough to eat!

Now, please go get your vote on.

One response to “Today’s Specials – Tuesday, November 2, 2010

  1. Thanks for including the B2B Marketing Manifesto in your list of specials.
    Made us feel special indeed.
    Now I’m off to check out Blekko.

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