Today’s Specials | A Marketer in a Sales World | Monday, November 22, 2010

A list of sales and marketing linksHere at The Sales Cafe, we’ve been working on our Focus. It’s really tough in our distracting world, but we persevere. At the same time, we’re zeroing in on bringing out the charm in time for the holidays.

This week, we are going to dig deeper and offer links that relate to the best ways to make the most of marketing for sales effectiveness. The lines between sales and marketing (or “smarketing“) are blurry these days, and while marketers feel like outsiders in the sales world, sales people have a tendency to avoid or downplay the significance of marketing when it comes to successful sales.

Or, maybe the two factions just don’t understand each other. Here are a couple of examples that prove this true:

1. Sales and Marketing Alignment. This piece by Dave Stein discusses the differences that separate sales and marketing and a start at how to align.

2. The opposite of sales and marketing alignment. In this piece, BNET blogger Geoffrey James offers the counter point about smarketing.

3. Sales and Marketing Alignment:  What the Experts Have to Say. This link dates all the way back to March of this year, but its content is still relevant and timely. (We think so, anyway.) And, it provides a myriad of expert opinion on the subject of sales and marketing.

What do you think? Should sales and marketing be in alignment? What exactly does that mean to you?

Take a visit to The Sales Cafe and let us know.

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