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Today’s Specials – Make a (Sales) Difference – January 6, 2011

The Sales Cafe is open again, for a new year and new ideas. We wanted to take advantage of the break and scour the Internet for the best links about sales to share with you, but ended up watching the first season of Psych while munching on homemade chocolate peppermint bark most of the time instead. (Thanks @mommommom!)

So we’re back and really ready to go. Our goal is to make 2011 the smartest year yet. And we don’t mean just looking smart, we mean acting smart. We want to make smart decisions in order to change outcomes. Today’s Specials focus on getting in the right frame of mind for making a difference in 2011, for yourself and others, by doing things like making one smartly placed sales call or changing your organization’s culture (which are just two of the topics we plan to cover in the weeks ahead).

1. Forget New Year Resolutions – Set Goals. First things first. We couldn’t agree more with Jeb Blount, sales guru and host of several sales blogs, including Quick and Dirty Tips, who offers smart advice for sales people to make that difference this year. Does that mean we can ditch our no-caffeine resolve and strive for the goal of making a great pot of coffee?

2. No dgrunts, no gomos. Next, we’d like to revisit the wisdom of the folks (well, the guy–Sam Parker) at Just Sell. We like their attitude of moving with a smile (smovers) and banning gomos (people who just go through the motions of working and living) and dgrunts (people who are disgruntled). It’s another inspiration for the year ahead.

3. To Hell With Resolutions! What’s on Your “Stop Doing” List? We love this take on goals for the year. What’s on our “Stop Doing” list? We like the one about always saying Yes and never getting it all done.

Please take a moment to tell us one of your goals (or “stop doings”). And, whatever you decide to do or not do, we look forward to the specials in the joy-filled and prosperous year ahead for all!


Today’s Specials – Monday, December 13, 2010

For half the people we know, December’s full of parties and business planning for next year. For the other half, it’s year-end list-making time, and some (like Time.com) take it to an extreme.

At the Sales Cafe, we don’t like to look back, only forward. “Straight ahead to ’11” has become our motto of late. (In fact, we are looking forward to 2010 being just a dim memory.)

With our motto in mind, Today’s Specials focus on some creative ways to bolster your sales next year–which is less than a month away.

1. Secrets to Selling to the C-Suite:  Strategic Calling. Okay, so this first one is a bit of shameless self promotion, but it really is good content. Both the PDF and the Podcast links provide valuable insight into uncovering hidden opportunities at your key accounts. This comes from the wise folks at Wilson Learning. (Disclaimer:  ELA Consulting Group is a Wilson Learning agent.)

2. 2011 Sales Planning:  Activities vs. Results vs. Outcomes. In this post, sales blogger Marci Reynolds offers some ideas to consider when sales planning and also provides a couple of excellent links.

3. How to Use the “Seven Deadly Sins” to Turn Visitors into Customers. Smashing Magazine provides a unique and, actually, quite helpful, take on generating business.

Every day this week, we will post our favorite holiday season-related link. Who remembers the odd pairing of Bing Crosby and David Bowie on a late 1970’s TV special singing Little Drummer Boy? Here’s a link that includes both a new, interesting reenactment with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly and the original clip.

Countdown to 2011: 18 days