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Today’s Specials – Wednesday 10/27/10

A list of sales and marketing linksToday, The Sales Cafe wanted to start something special:  Post a sales/marketing Web-surfing round-up of links that interested us. This will be a regular feature in the Cafe, directing you to appealing, amusing and provocative content about sales and marketing, keen observations on things like sales… and marketing… as well as branding, sales development and sales effectiveness, among other things.

Okay, so there are lots of these lists all over the Internet. This is ours.

1. Just do it. We wanted to start with a cool branding link, yesterday’s Internet sensation, to have you check out the new Nike-LeBron James ad with special analysis from No Pun Intended, to show how hip we are and to make a wise comment about sales and branding. Unfortunately, right after we watched it, access to the ad became spotty when Nike nixed being able to watch it because of copyright grounds. Another option is to go here to watch and listen to the ESPN dudes discuss). This now makes us want to comment wisely about viral videos getting blocked due to copyright grounds. However, this is a list, and we will save the copyright and branding conversations for another time and move on.

2. To Be or Not To Be? That is the personal branding question. Here’s an Inc. link, the second of a point-counterpoint series on personal branding. Timothy Ferriss, who created The 4-Hour Workweek, explains why not to use (abuse) your personal brand. Not sure if sports figures can dismiss their personal brand. (See #1.)

3. Mini-Sales Training. Take a quick test on the best way to open a sales call with a B2B prospect. Now we’d like to know the best opening for a B2C business sales call.

4. Make Calling Strategic. Sales development icon Wilson Learning has created a podcast that helps determine the issues around salespeople making strategic calls and pinpoints the critical success factors in turning a plain old sales call into a strategy session with a trusted adviser.

5. Selling Topless. Couldn’t resist ending with this powerful story about entrepreneur Leslie Haywood, called “Why This Entrepreneur Made Her First Sale Topless, But Not the Way You’re Thinking” by BNET (again) writer Donna Fenn. It proves that with passion and determination, you can sell anywhere. (And, yes, Haywood was topless.)

What have you found that’s appealing, amusing and provocative re: sales and marketing? Share it here or drop us a note: shalvoy@elaconsultinggroup.com.