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Today’s Specials – Thursday, November 4, 2010

A list of sales and marketing linksThe Sales Cafe was bustling yesterday with all the commotion of a (small) World Series celebration. (Here are just a few of our photos. And here.) There was no time for specials. Things are back to normal today, though just a little happier than usual. Here’s what’s on tap:

1. Top 50 sales blogs. In addition to offering some advice of our own, we here in The Sales Cafe are always on the lookout for more. More sales tips, more sales help, more sales. And, in our unfailing effort to make people smarter about business, this link offers a site that lists the top sales blogs objectively–using several metrics to determine the Ultimate Blog. Ironically, it’s not really a sales blog at all; it’s more a compendium for all things related to thinking and persuasion. Sort of changes how you think about sales, doesn’t it?

2. What is a lead? You would think with a whole list of sales blogs out there (see #1) we’d link to a variety of sites. We try, but this topic from those wiseguys at Marketo is so, well, topical for us. We’ve tried to address the subject before, but it’s nice to see the roundup of usual suspects discussing leads. What’s your idea of a lead? Please leave it in The Cafe’s comments below.

Are you coachable?

3. How to be a Coachable Salesperson. Even the most experienced of us needs some assistance now and then. S. Anthony Iannarino provides an excellent coaching moment in this post.


4. Finally, Which is worse, ignorance or apathy? Frankly, we here at The Sales Cafe are a little relieved that Election Day has passed. But it’s always nice to get a little reminder of why it’s so important to vote, regardless of race or gender. Thanks to A Sales Guy named Keenan for his wisdom.