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Today’s Specials – Focus – Monday, December 20, 2010

Today at The Sales Cafe, we are at a total loss–a loss of focus. Time is winding down for this whole holiday season and we’ve been feeling it. No amount of coffee seems to help or put us back on track. In fact, there is very little track to ride as so many people are either starting their vacations or winding down, watching the best ads of 2010 instead of updating contacts and events of the past quarter on SalesForcedotcom.

Today’s Specials focus on, well, Focus. Focus, people. If not today, then save this list for January 3, 2011.

1. Focus: A new book on simplicity in the age of distractions. Excellent ebook/course on focus. It’s as simple as that. Choose a free version or pay for the premium version. Now, if we weren’t so distracted, we would finish reading it.

2. Focus.com. This is a community and network of world class business and technology experts. Ask a question, get the answer in eight focus areas, such as sales, marketing, information technology, finance, customer service or HR. It may add to your procrastination options, but you’ll be smarter in the end.

3. How to Focus. When all else fails, go back to the basics and what you learned in school. That’s right, this link was written for students, but we are all students of life and if that’s what it takes to focus on work, so be it.

Finally, today’s holiday video is viral in the truest sense. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it and share it with friends. That’s the meaning of viral.