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Today’s Specials – Thursday, October 28, 2010

A list of sales and marketing linksOther than being obsessed with the time-traveler at the Charlie Chaplin premiere in 1928, we are just trying to avoid the pitfalls and funnels of a “rise and grind” kind of day. Here are some links that grabbed our attention.

1. Top Nine Sales Blunders. First Geoffrey James of the BNET Sales Machine blog told us about the top paying useless jobs. (But we sell services to the Change Catalysts you call tapeworms!) Now he’s telling us about the biggest mistakes B2B salespeople make. Basically, James tells us to start doing our homework!

2. Optimizing the Sales Funnel. In the old days, the wisdom was “fill your sales pipeline.” The modern-day-wise folks at Marketo offer seven steps toward optimizing leads. This is an area where sales and marketing overlap and the language barriers can cause problems. Following these steps helps break down those barriers.

3. Shameless plugging. After the last link, we thought it would be interesting to re-visit the travails of A Marketer in a Sales World.

4. SBA Guide for Women Owned Businesses. The Small Business Administration recently published a guide to outlining requirements to participate in its new women-owned small business program, which requires federal agencies to set aside a percentage of contracts for female entrepreneurs. Thanks to the Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee for the link. We’ll get around to reading it later today.

5. Laugh Out Loud. We added this link because it’s so funny.

That’s about it for today. Send us some links that help move your day along or just make you laugh out loud. (shalvoy@elaconsultinggroup.com)