Welcome to The Sales Cafe.

Some of us here are sales effectiveness and business architecture consultants from ELA Consulting Group and we make companies smarter about their business. We do that by working with executives and practice owners to fine-tune and transform their organizations by aligning leadership, employees and partners.

Others in The Sales Cafe are sales thought leaders and gurus.

We hope to use this blog to share our ideas and methods to help you get smarter, too.


Peter Krammer is Managing Partner of ELA Consulting Group. He has over 28 years of selling experience and still loves selling. He is also a jazz musician and co-author Let Your Music Soar, a handy guidebook for the performing musician.

Mary Lee Shalvoy, director of business development at ELA, is also a business writer and marketing consultant. She has many years of experience writing for multiple media outlets, tracking trends, analyzing events, creating sales and marketing programs, and crafting Web content and social media strategy.

Bob Davis has more than 20 years’ experience in sales, sales training, and marketing. He is a Senior Associate for McCourt Associates, an authorized agency of the Wilson Learning Corporation, a leading sales and sales management training company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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